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The music of Easton Union celebrates the beauty in the mundane-from wry bar-room vignettes, to the freedom of sleeping under the stars without a penny to your name. It is through this lens that the time-honored American traditions of Country, Rock, and Rhythm & Blues blend seamlessly into a mature, wistful perspective on the world. All born and raised in Northern Ohio, the band features Brian Patrick on lead guitar/vocals, Rusty Garrett on keyboard/vocals, Kurt Anshutz on bass/vocals, and Nick Hoffman on drums.


Easton Union’s self-titled EP, released in May of 2022, features all four current members of Easton Union with the addition of former member Ty Prager on vocals/guitar. Track 4 on the EP, titled The Great Rust Belt and penned by Patrick, was ranked 5th in total airplay in the Top 33 Local Songs of 2022 Countdown on The Summit, WAPS 91.3FM Akron/Canton, WKTL 90.7FM Youngstown, and at 90.1FM Athens

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Photo:  Chad Cochran 

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